Animal Success Stories

We welcome updates on the hounds we have placed... if you have a story to tell, please send it to Addy Dawes,, with photos if possible, and we'll feature it here.

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Theodore Bigsby "Teddy"

We have been consumed by our first few weeks with Buddy (formerly Teddy, although he responds much more readily to Buddy!). He took to my husband and I right away and has been so great with us. He is fascinated by our staircase...we suspect it's because, as a basset, he's never been able to be at a height where he could actually see above people's heads. He loves having his belly rubbed whenever possible, and pretty much rolls over whenever we are nearby. We are very lucky in that he doesn't scratch at the door or chew on furniture, etc. so we can leave him on his own without having to crate him if we need to leave during the day. He is a super affectionate guy, and is right by our side wherever we are around the house! The one thing we are working with a trainer on is his fearful nature when people come to our house. He is great meeting people in neutral territory, but gets very fearful and "growly" when people come into his space. We have a great behaviorist who is helping us figure out how to make him more comfortable around guests and I think he will come around soon. Since we don't know much about his past before he was found by the rescue organization, we suspect he had some run-ins with some folks who were not super nice to him. Anyway, he is a great dog and we feel so lucky to have found him. Katie Teekell