Animal Success Stories

We welcome updates on the hounds we have placed... if you have a story to tell, please send it to Addy Dawes,, with photos if possible, and we'll feature it here.

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I adopted Hank in January of 2018, and he is just turning 13. He is wonderful! He is healthy and smart and fun, and continues to be a favorite of my neighborhood. Thank you. Linda Strauss Feb2023

Copper (Atwater)

I just had to share that Copper is seriously the best old man addition to our family, old man being relative. He gets zoomies every other night and plays chase with [my husband] Aaron! He adores Aaron and is super well behaved with all the other dogs, and regularly lets Walter, the old dachshund, cuddle with him. This [photo] is him in the morning....Almost every night, he goes up the ramp to sleep in bed with us. Then, sometime around 1-2am, he stands up and barks once or twice until we lift the blanket up for him to crawl under, and he falls back asleep next to Aaron or me, but tucked under the blanket until morning. He is such an amazing dog and the perfect fit for our family. --Copper's new mom and dad, Jan 2023.

Duke (Oroville)

We are so incredibly in love with Duke, he is perfect for our family and such an amazing, good boy. Thank you both for hooking us up with him. Jennifer made two drives down to Vacaville to meet us and did so much to keep this boy happy while fostering. I a™m so grateful for that. Many many thanks, Sharon, Charlie, Julien, Foxy, and Duke

Daisy Mae

One of our friends joked that before we met Daisy Mae, we had a "basset sized hole" in our lives, and it is so true. Daisy Mae has brought so much happiness to our lives, and I hope that we have brought the same to hers. We adopted Daisy at the ripe old age of 11, but no one told her that. She was just as rambunctious as a teenager and we quickly fell in love. Daisy loves to walk, eat, explore, cuddle, and sleep in equal parts. She is just as at home snoozing on the bed as she is taking a wild adventure through the park. She loves belly rubs, ear rubs, and rolling around the bed grunting. She gets along very well with her dog brother and cat brothers and sisters! I'd never met a basset before Daisy and now I am in love with the breed. We write this on the second year of her adoptiversary, and we are so glad that we adopted her!


Louie-Deacon When I was a little puppy, my name was Deacon and I had a nice Mom for the first 10 years of my life. In January, Mom went to the Rainbow Bridge and couldn't come back. I was sent to the Golden Gate Basset Orphanage. I had to see some doctors and they removed a HUGE tumor from my back, removed an eye which was infected, and took away my manhood!! They said, in spite of everything, I was in pretty good shape, so I went to a foster home with a nice lady named Debbie. In June, my new Mom was helping a friend adopt a basset from the orphanage when she saw my picture on the GGBR website. She says it was love at first sight! Debbie drove me to Stockton to meet my new family. I have two new sisters, Maggie and Ellie (both from GGBR) and Mom cooks kosher dog food for all of us!! Not just chicken meatloaf, but apple and cheese biscuits, too, and a special chicken and rice soup just for ME! Mom is trying to put some weight on me. She says my little basset-butt is too skinny. I get to sleep on the big (not big enough) bed with Mom. Mom gave me a new name, too - I am now known as Louie-Deacon. I am a happy little boy now, but, if anyone sees my cojones, I'd like to have them back!!

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