Animal Success Stories

We welcome updates on the hounds we have placed... if you have a story to tell, please send it to Sally Mitchell,, with photos if possible, and we'll feature it here.

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Piper (Marysville)

Piper came to us to foster in June 2023. Her previous owners could not keep her because of some large cysts on Piper, that they could not afford to have removed. She was brought to us by GGBR volunteer basset Uber driver. She was happy to meet us but clearly wanted to go home. For about 3-4 weeks, whenever we took her outside, she watched where her Uber driver had parked and was waiting for her ride to come back for her. She no longer looks for her ride, but we still see some separation anxiety whenever someone leaves or comes home. She becomes very vocal with barking, baying, crying and we are working on that. When we took Piper for her first vet appointment, not only did she have the cysts, but she had a urinary tract infection, needed dental work and also had Giardia. This little girl was a mess! We have since gotten all those things taken care of and Piper is doing well. As her medical treatments were being completed, we were asked if we wanted to adopt Piper. We had not seriously thought about it! We only intended to foster for a while until we were ready to adopt. We had lost our basset hound Mater 3 months earlier and were not sure if we were ready to commit to another dog. Over the years of having Mater, we had talked about fostering but that is as far as it went. We had no idea this little girl was going to steal our hearts and that is what she did. We also knew that we did not want to put her thru the stress and separation again with someone else. Our friends at the dog park kept saying that we were going to foster fail. That is OK because she is worth it. Since Piper first arrived at our home she has gotten into the routine of going for walks and visits at the dog park even if it is raining. We give her the love and cuddles that she needs daily and if we get busy and forget, she comes to us and steps on our feet to remind us. She is playing more now then before. She will chase after us or toys when she gets the zoomies. She has enchanted us with her personality so much that we officially given her the middle name Winifred, like from Hocus Pocus. Thank you GGBR for sending this beautiful girl our way. R & P Peralta, 04Feb2024 (adopted 10Oct2023 )


Mari came to us after being found wandering in Mariposa. She has short ears and a deformed front paw. When she arrived, she was very quiet and subdued. During the first few weeks, we tried to take her for walks, but she was not interested in going more than a few feet in any one direction. Given she is young, about three years old, we assumed her lack of interest in being mobile was related to her bad leg. After about six weeks with us, she began to warm up and now we know she can run like nobody's business! While she prefers to do some things lying down, like eating, she loves to chase birds and squirrels outside and enjoys being chased around the house and yard by her humans, especially when a wooden duck toy is involved. She is a very smart dog and has an amazing sense of smell. She is slowly making progress with her separation anxiety and distrust of other dogs. She loves people and even when she knows she has been naughty, she rolls over for a belly rub. Mari gets lots of human interaction and we continue to assure her she is safe with us. --Robyn K., 06Oct2023

Amos (Solano)

Every day with Atticus (as Amos is now called) brings joy and thankfulness. He was worth waiting for. I asked you for a smooshy senior to fill the Basset-shaped hole in my heart, and Atticus has moved right in. He is a lap dog who wasted no time in demanding the affection of my extended family, especially his favorite child, my grand-niece, Elizabeth, (photo) who gave him his new name. Thank you so much for finding this wonderful gentlehound for me. I really can't thank you enough for letting Amos come to Oregon. He is as close to perfect as a dog can be.--Dee Klagstad, 23Jan2023 (adopted 12Nov2023 )


Update on Frank: Snuggle hugs and belly rubs! Thank you GGBR for seeing enough basset in this little guy to spring him from the shelter! Turns out you were right. My friend gave us a DNA test. His highest percentage breed came back basset, mixed with some cattle dog, coon hound and some "super mutt," apparently, is the perfect recipe for affection. I have never come across a pup like Frank, who is truly in his happy place when he is giving out hugs. Not only does it melt hearts, it brightens days, warms the soul and puts smiles on faces. We are so grateful to have this little pup as part of our family! Victoria S., 23Jan2024 (adopted 03Dec2023)

Maggie (Citrus Heights)

Ten- year-old Maggie was surrendered by her elderly owner who could no longer take her on walks or care for her. She had been confined to the apartment using "pee pads" and spending her days watching the world go by from the front window. Now she is in a loving home with new Basset & Beagle siblings, a large yard, and lots of walks in local parks. She is a sweet girl who seems excited to experience the next chapter in her life! --Tim M., 23Jan2024 (adopted 26Dec2023)

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