Animal Success Stories

We welcome updates on the hounds we have placed... if you have a story to tell, please send it to Addy Dawes,, with photos if possible, and we'll feature it here.

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After losing one of our girls, Riley to cancer at only 7 years old we weren't totally sure that we were ready to adopt another dog, but decided that we would start the adoption process with GGBR anyway. We just wanted to see how we felt. Well we found a hound that we liked but she went to another family. After that we were so disappointed and that is when we knew that we were ready for sure! Within a few weeks GGBR contacted us about a basset in our area that was coming up for adoption. We went to see Sundae and fell in love. She fits into our family better than we could have imagined. She is so sweet and loving and is now inseparable with our other Basset, Bella. Also since Sundae moved in no one in the house has any socks, turns out that’s her favorite toy! Thank you GGBR for Sundae and all that you do for Basset Hounds in need. Jennifer

Sadie (and Charlie)

See Charlie and Sadie's story below...

Stretch NKA Wilbur

My husband and I lost our basset hound George in June of 2011, He was 13 years old. We had rescued him when he was around one to two years old. We thought we could never get another dog because we would compare that dog to George. But, after a few months we really missed having a friend to walk with and hang out with. So we started looking for another dog. We almost got a different breed, but I saw Stretch, (now known as Wilbur) on the GG Basset Rescue site and we knew we had to meet him. I filled out the application and we met Wilbur a few days later. The minute we saw him we knew he was coming home with us. He is the most amazing, sweet, loving, affectionate, dog. He fit right in, It was like he lived here his whole life. He gets along with my cats, he loves playing with the other dogs in the park, and he loves people and has to say hello to everyone we pass. We couldn’t imagine our lives without him. We love him so much. Margaret

Sandy (nka Savannah)

Savannah and I bonded almost immediately. I was very surprised that she was so easy to handle and once she got over her new home she has fit right in. She is very friendly with all people and most dogs. Once she likes you, you are her friend forever. She used to bark and howl at everything while she was in the house. We worked on that and it only took three squirts from a water sprayer bottle to let her know that that behavior wasn't acceptable. Now she goes out of her dog door and barks to her heart's content. She gets excited when we go for a walk. I walk, she hunts. And she loves to run in the field near our house. She has so many great characteristics. When its time to eat, she lays on her stomach with her head on the floor and her ears are fanned out. Her nose is close to her food bowl. She is my bud and we go everywhere together. I could not have asked for a better Basset. Walter Davis


we are so happy with our little Rosie! She's little because she's only 40 pounds, our bonsai basset. She loves to run and chase squirrels -- very different from our other, more sedate bassets. She's very loving and likes to put her paws over our legs when she cuddles with us. She brings love and humor into our home and we're so grateful to GGBR for bringing us to her. Thanks so much to Bette Reese for fostering her so well. ~ Martha Elderon

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