Animal Success Stories

We welcome updates on the hounds we have placed... if you have a story to tell, please send it to Addy Dawes,, with photos if possible, and we'll feature it here.

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Sherlock 2009

Sherlock came to us from the Merced County shelter in early July 2009. He was somewhere around a year and half old, but everyone thought he was elderly because he was so filthy and underweight. He could barely walk and weight 45 pounds. He's now 65 pounds and the energetic, silly basset he was always meant to be. We were his foster home for about 2 weeks before it was obvious he would never be leaving us. Now he's a happy healthy boy who loves absolutely everyone and has taken his proper place on our bed. He knew he was home the second he came in the door and has been sleeping with us ever since. He was quite fearful of most anything at first and would hide his head if you raised your voice even a little. We didn't hear him bark until he had been with us for 4 months! Now he knows there's nothing to be afraid of and is a complete snuggle hound, asking for belly rubs from everyone at any time. He didn't even know how to play with other dogs but quickly caught on after some education from our 7 year old basset, Josie. It's taken time and some work, but he's become settled with almost all of his fearfulness fallen away. We're sure he'll get past the little bit that's left in time and with lots of love. Thank you for letting us be a failed foster home to this truly wonderful dog. Best regards, Marian Waldman

Sweet Thang

I'm attaching a couple of pics of Marley (formally Sweet Thang). She's been with us for a little over a year now and is fitting into our family quite well. John


Here is Stuart with his brother and sister. He has adapted quite well. He is very loving and through learning to trust us has become a very cuddly dog. He likes to get on the couch and snuggle and even gets on the bed with the whole family on Sunday mornings. He brings a smile to our faces every day. Thank you so much for bringing him to us. Rob and Kristin Glanz


Sunshine made the trip from Eureka to Napa yesterday. She did just fine. She threw up in the car after about an hour, but was okay for the next four hours on the trip down. We stopped frequently so she could do “sniffums” and stretch her legs (and ours.) In Napa we took her to the local pet store, Pet Express, where the clerks fell all over themselves loving her. We got her a new collar and leash, some treats and her new name tag with my info on it. Came home and convinced her to take her medication for the foxtail injury. Then, into the tub for a wonderful oatmeal/aloe bath. Sunshine is the first dog I’ve ever had doesn’t know how to play with a ball. We’ll work on that! We’re setting up an appointment with a vet to check her out. And will get her license ASAP. Sending the contract today and will pay via Paypal. She’s settling in nicely. No accidents in the house last night and she ate a small dinner. This morning, she had a nice breakfast, then went out to explore the yard. Later, we’ll take her for a walk. She is such a sweet dog! Here she is in the garden.

Sunshine (was Bailey)

SUNSHINE (originally named Bailey) Wow, its been almost a year since Sunshine came into our lives. We were originally only going to foster her but four hours into taking care of her we realized there was no way she was leaving our care. Sunshine was about twelve to fourteen months old when we got her from GGBR. We went to go pick her up at the Hayward shelter and the staff there were so sad to see her go. She was a little tentative when we got her but warmed up to us almost immediately. The first night she stayed with us, I put her in a dog bed in the hallway where she was going to sleep. It took me more than twenty times to get her to stay there instead of sleeping with us in our bedroom. I had read how stubborn and willful the breed is and knew from the get go, that I had to establish who was the dominant female in the family. A challenge that has diminished greatly (that’s not to say she conveniently forgets her name when she wants to). Although now that she’s so in our hearts its hard to say no when she jumps up on the bed to say goodnight or to take a “nap” with either me or my husband. She is one of the sweetest creatures I have ever encountered. I know I am bias but every single person who passes her on the street or meets her comments on how beautiful and cute she is. See the attached pictures. She makes us laugh and chuckle every day. And she is not only cute but very smart, willful as all get out and an amazing runner! One of the funniest things is to see her flying around Joaquin Miller Dog Park with her ears flapping as she chases the larger dogs. And folks respond, ”Wow, she’s really fast!” Another of her favorite things to do is to make friends at Point Isabel. She recently has discovered swimming and now likes going into the ocean or into the water to play with other dogs. Adopting Sunshine was one of the best things my husband and I have done during our newlywed year. I feel like we have a real family. Five months ago we adopted a kitten so Sunshine can have a play partner and its amazing to see them wrestle, chase and play with one another…complete joy is in our home. I wish we had a larger house and more time so we could foster at least one more basset but I’m hoping as Sunshine continues to get more settled we can foster another beautiful basset. When we first got Sunshine, folks would stop us on the street and exclaim how they grew up with bassets and how they love the breed. I was a little surprised at the passion and vehemence at how folks extolled the virtues of the breed. And now, since we have one of our own, I understand the extreme delight of a basset hound owner. I am truly a convert now. Can’t wait until next year’s Waddle…it was our first GGBR event and such an amazing time. At least three times a week of extol the wonders and importance of GGBR and tell everyone who we meet that if they are interested in fostering or adopting this wonderful breed they should contact GGBR. I hope that some people have followed up on the wonderful opportunity to bring bassets into wonderful, loving homes.

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