Animal Success Stories

We welcome updates on the hounds we have placed... if you have a story to tell, please send it to Sally Mitchell,, with photos if possible, and we'll feature it here.

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Beau (4/11)

We've had Beau for about three months, and we can't imagine a life without him! He adjusted very well to his new home, he especially loves his big backyard where he can lay for hours and soak up the morning sun. This is our first basset, and he is everything and more than what we expected. His favorite activities include long walks and adventures, sleeping, eating (we learned this little boy cannot be in the pantry unattended), people watching, hunting, and cuddling. He is unbelievably loving and affectionate, and craves human attention around the clock. Lucky for him, he is very spoiled and found out early on that all it takes is one look at those sad eyes and he can melt anyone's heart. He can be slightly stubborn and strong willed at times, but we think these qualities are cute also. He had some issues with marking indoors when we got him, fortunately that habit has been broken although the training is ongoing. He also had some intestinal issues at first, which have greatly improved. He is a healthy and happy hound, and watching him run and jump with those flopping ears brings much joy! We just adore Beau and feel so lucky to be his forever home. Liz