Animal Success Stories

We welcome updates on the hounds we have placed... if you have a story to tell, please send it to Sally Mitchell,, with photos if possible, and we'll feature it here.

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We have been working on socializing [Levi, now named Inky] with people and dogs. We have been taking him to dog classes to build our trust in one another. Every Sunday, when the weather is nice, we go to the Farmers Market in the city where we visit his favorite vendor who sells dog treats! He likes to run around with some of his fur buddies, wrestle with his golden retriever bff, and go on a pack walk with a few of the neighborhood doggies. His favorite times of the day are breakfast and dinner! A few people have told us that he looks more confident and looks more at home. It took him a week to get comfortable with my husband, his papa. Now, Inky always initiates playtime with him when he gets home from work. He is currently snuggled up under my blanket and on my legs. He is a lap dog for sure! Our home feels like a home again. My husband and I are more of a homebody, but after adopting Inky, we have become more of a social butterfly to ensure that we are socializing him to build his confidence with people, dog, and himself!---Lucky and Ernest, 21Jan2024. (adopted 10Nov2023)

Lady (Gilroy)

It is said that these fluffy round dog beds are designed to calm anxious dogs. While anxiety has not been an issue for 7 year old Lady, she is making good use of this bed for the favorite pastime of most bassets, sunbathing. Smart girl that she is, when sunbathing loses its appeal because of extreme heat, sharing the doggie window-seat in the house with her brother Spencer is a welcome alternative. Lady is a total love and a wonderful addition to our family!---Sally and Mike Mitchell, 21Jan2024 (adopted 27Nov2023)

Lady Emma Ann

Emma is my third Basset, so you KNOW I like them! I went to pick up Emma on April 21, 2012, in Nice from the foster, Laurie Keene. Emma was so well-behaved from the beginning. The first time I took her for a walk, she heeled! (I had seen this demonstrated in various obedience classes over the years, but NEVER had a dog that would do it!) Recently Howard, Vernon McNamee's male Basset, stayed with us for a month while Vernon was in Brazil and the two dogs had a good time together. Bassets are such loveable, wonderful dogs and Emma is the best one yet! She did do a little counter-surfing at first so she soon trained us to keep things back from the edge of the counter! Just am so happy that I looked at Pet Finders and from there to GGBR to Emma! I feel so lucky to have her. She makes every day a delight!


As you can see things are going very well at the Street household. Toby, the freckled boy on my legs, came to us from the Amador County Animal Shelter via GGBR in May 2012. He is a true lap basset and the most wonderful companion. He loves everyone and loves to play. Because of his joy with other dogs, we decided to adopt another. Lizzie came to us via GGBR in October 2013. She is an older lady, but also loves to play. One of our favorite pastimes is to watch the basset wrassle dance between them. One can also watch them as they dig through their toy box for just the right toy to chew or throw around. Lizzie has been cautiously but enthusiastically learning about lap time; the photo is of the first double ever. Both love to eat (what basset does not?) and enjoy their walks every day. Our pack is in doggie heaven, thanks to GGBR. Nancy and James Street Pioneer, California

Lily (9/12)

Our love story with Garnatxa started 7 years ago, so please bear with us until you judge her exquisite name. We got married 7 years ago and have been planning to have a dog since then. Major disagreement point: the breed. Wife was crazy about basset hounds. Husband wanted a "smarter" dog. Finally, in conjunction with the 2012 primaries, the basset hound campaign started for real! Husband was opening his mind to the breed, specially after we were introduced to the wonderful work of the Golden Gate Basset Rescue. Our house was inspected by two dear bassets, we went to the Basset Hound Waddle in Novato and that was it. Mission accomplished! Husband is in! Yay! All forms are filled! Yay! We got approved by the diligent people of GGBR! Yay! But... wait! Where is our dog? All we wanted was a young dog because this was going to be our first dog and we were not ready for a senior one yet. We waited, we waited, we waited. Three months went by... We decided to go on a trip and try another breed after we came back home. We were wine tasting in Spain and we finally got the email! There was a girl for us! Even before meeting her, we knew she was ours and we immediately picked a name: Garnatxa (the Catalan word for grenache, the wine grape). Of course, we didn't think about the unpronounceable aspect of it, we just stuck to it because it was a very important moment for us (and probably because we had tasted a little bit too much). Your guess is right: people do have a hard time in understanding it, but you know what? They don't forget it! Because Garnatxa is unforgettable, unmissable, irresistible. She has been such a gift! She spontaneously went to her bed at bedtime on day 1 and even came housebroken. She has been learning some commands at a "smart dog" speed. Because she is smart. Because basset hounds are smart and one should not be fooled by their omnipresent emotional side. Garnatxa can outtrick us with her workarounds and proactive requests. She talks with her eyes all the time. She has the funniest way of stretching herself. She barks sparsely (our greatest fear) and she lets us have dinner quietly at the table. She takes center stage every time she is at the dog park. A problem? She needs some modeling classes because it is impossible to take a good frontal picture without her moving towards the camera. In case you ever bump into us, you better start practicing pronouncing her name: (like the Mexican nachos, the unique scent coming from her ears, as from her foster parents' assessment). And the husband? He can't wait to take her to work wearing her Sherlock Holmes costume on Halloween! Thank you so much to the wonderful people of GGBR, specially Donna (the maestra), Fran (our house inspector), Melinda & Quincy (foster family). Best, Izabel

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