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Jellybean (Stockton)

Jellybean’s story…as told to Golden Gate Basset Rescue: “I don’t know how it happened but around the 18th of March, I was lost, wandering alone on the streets in what I am told was an industrial area of Stockton.I don’t know how long I was cold and hungry but l luckily for me, an animal control officer found me and took me to the animal shelter. How i managed for any amount of time on my own, being a little 22 pound, (6) year old basset/beagle mix, is nothing short of a miracle. The shelter contacted GGBR who picked me up from the shelter and delivered me to one of their loving foster homes. You see, I am a very friendly, lively girl doggie wants nothing but to be in the care of someone who adores me. Now I receive all the attention I need in addition to having food, a warm home, a human to follow constantly, and medical attention for my eyes. Yes, my eyes are a problem but I am told they will be fixed very soon by the special doggie eye doctor. You can see by my photos that I have cherry eye in both eyes. Not only that, my eyelids both top and bottom turn into my eyes, an uncomfortable condition called eye lid entropion. It was thought that I may be blind but the eye doctor says that I have vision, which I knew, and that my eyes will function and feel better once the surgery is done. It will cost $4400 to have the surgery and GGBR feels that it is a necessity for me. i will be very grateful to anyone who can help my eyes feel better by donating on my behalf to GGBR.”

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