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Magic is a very loving houndie who is easygoing and gets along well with adults, childen and other dogs. She has had several foster placements but now is in a foster home that is able to provide for her medical needs, give her the attention she demands,  as well as provide permanence for her. 

This 14 year old houndie who spent much of her life being mostly an outside dog, has health conditions which require frequent medical care and a regimen of medications. She has a serious back condition (dessiminated ideopathic skeletal hypertosis) for which she is prescribed daily medication for pain. Magic also has major  skin allergies which have benefitted greatly from a cytopoint shots every month to 6 weeks and daily medication. She also is on daily eye ointment in order to keep her eyes comfortable. Magic is subject to chronic ear infections which require that her caregivers be  very attentive to the care of her ears.
All these medications are costly but their regular adminstration has enabled this beautiful and loving hound to live out her golden years happily in her hospice foster home. 

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