Animal Success Stories

We welcome updates on the hounds we have placed... if you have a story to tell, please send it to Sally Mitchell,, with photos if possible, and we'll feature it here.

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Molly (Roseville)

When we were first contacted about Dolly (formerly known as Molly), I also got a message from a friend about another Basset Hound at the Stanislaus animal shelter. Since we were already scheduled to pick Dolly up, I declined, but told my friend that we would consider fostering him in the meantime. When we did not hear back from the shelter, we thought the worst had happened [to Rocky]. Sad as it was, we kept our spirits up, because we were going to pick up Dolly that weekend. When we got to Claire's Basset BnB, we had so much fun meeting all the pups! Dolly instantly took to us, and we were so excited, but I also noticed another sweet Basset that melted in my arms. I asked Claire about him, and she said they just got him a few days ago and his name was Rocky. The name sounded familiar, so I pulled up the picture of the Basset my friend sent me from Stanislaus, and it was the same dog! We were all so exited to know he found a safe place to land. Since it was love at first snuggle, I instantly told Claire that if he needed a good home as well, we would be very interested in adopting him too. Sure enough, after a week or so, Claire reached out and said that she thought Rocky would do best with other Basset family members and asked if we were still interested in adopting him. With an enthusiastic YES, we brought him home within a few days. She said he needed a more suitable name, as the name, Rocky, was given to him by the shelter. I liked the name, Archimedes, or Archie, for short, but my husband liked Maximus/Max better. We had a family vote with our 2 daughters, and just like that, Maximus was a part of our family. Now we have our little Basset pack, as we already had a 4 year old Basset named Winston as well. All three of them act as if they were from the same litter, that is how well bonded they are. Dolly is definitely our wanderer, as she daily makes her rounds throughout our 5 acre property, and Max is typically right behind her. They also love to play-fight over who gets to lie on our laps and we typically just end up in a big, snuggly, puppy pile. Thank you so much, Golden Gate Basset Rescue, for doing what you do! You have made our family whole with these two sweethearts. We are now so obsessed with this breed, that we even named our property Basset Hill Ranch! The Newton Family, 06Feb2024 (Dolly was adopted 22Nov2023; Max was adopted 04Dec2023)


Mari came to us after being found wandering in Mariposa. She has short ears and a deformed front paw. When she arrived, she was very quiet and subdued. During the first few weeks, we tried to take her for walks, but she was not interested in going more than a few feet in any one direction. Given she is young, about three years old, we assumed her lack of interest in being mobile was related to her bad leg. After about six weeks with us, she began to warm up and now we know she can run like nobody's business! While she prefers to do some things lying down, like eating, she loves to chase birds and squirrels outside and enjoys being chased around the house and yard by her humans, especially when a wooden duck toy is involved. She is a very smart dog and has an amazing sense of smell. She is slowly making progress with her separation anxiety and distrust of other dogs. She loves people and even when she knows she has been naughty, she rolls over for a belly rub. Mari gets lots of human interaction and we continue to assure her she is safe with us. --Robyn K., 06Oct2023

Maggie (Citrus Heights)

Ten- year-old Maggie was surrendered by her elderly owner who could no longer take her on walks or care for her. She had been confined to the apartment using "pee pads" and spending her days watching the world go by from the front window. Now she is in a loving home with new Basset & Beagle siblings, a large yard, and lots of walks in local parks. She is a sweet girl who seems excited to experience the next chapter in her life! --Tim M., 23Jan2024 (adopted 26Dec2023)


Several months ago, we got a call about a German Shepherd/Basset Hound mix in the Stanislaus County shelter. The shelter named her Miley. The call came in to see if we could foster her. Very little information was known about her, but we thought this might be an interesting experience, given that we have never had a German Shepherd and were unfamiliar with the nuances of the breed and thought it was an interesting mix with a Basset Hound. When we met Miley, we could see she had already developed a sense of loyalty to the team in the shelter; she was initially timid with us and she was friendly. Acclimating her to our two hounds was interesting. Miley initially had a hard time with Copper, our youngest hound. We had to watch them together. With Copper's puppy-like exuberance, Miley would occasionally show aggressive behavior around Copper. However, after several weeks, Miley's true temperament finally started to come through on a consistent basis. She is definitely a loyal dog. She loves her human companions and now actually loves playing with Copper. We think they keep each other young and active. Miley has specifically attached herself to me; she has claimed me as her human, jumping up on me, giving me lots of affection and kisses. We decided to adopt her in late October/November and she has really acclimated to the family. We changed her name to Nala while fostering her, and she seems like she is a very happy dog. Nala has given us a different perspective. Being half German Shepherd, she is a really large dog, weighing approximately 80 pounds. Comparatively, Copper is our smallest hound at approximately 45 pounds. While Nala has shorter legs, she is taller than our other two hounds; she has quite the reach when counter surfing which presents us with some unique challenges. She also has a lot of power in her legs, which she uses to chase squirrels around the fence line when they are outside. Nala loves tummy rubs and cuddles and we love seeing how happy she is. ---Ann H., 21Jan2024 [Adopted 07Nov2023]

Missy and Molly

Actually... the story of Missy and Molly!! “We fell in love with Missy, now named Abby, when we first met her. Smaller than your average Basset, an 8 year old tricolor with the saddest, sweetest eyes, it was apparent that she had a tough life. She was bred a lot and, judging by her hesitation around our teenage son, probably mishandled around teenage boys in the past. We also realized that even as she was getting used to us and our laid-back ways, she always seemed to be looking for another dog. Her foster family, Bate & John, noted that in their household, there were many other dogs around. Thinking that it would benefit Abby as much as it would benefit us (our 3 kids were competing against each other to spend time with Abby as was my husband!), we soon returned to GGBR to find another Basset to rescue us. From the get-go, we had only had eyes for Abby AND Molly, a 7 year old red and white. Shortly after adopting Abby, we met with Molly and Molly’s foster mom, Debbie. Abby and Molly have become best “sisters” since then. Without any effort at all, Molly seemed to help Abby in being more sure and assertive. While Abby still does not talk, Molly makes up for both of them, and we would not have it any other way. Much to Debbie’s misbelief, we actually encourage Molly to talk by talking back to her. Both girls handle being around not only our 2 legged family members, but our other 4-legged rescue, a 2 year old Maine Coon named Louie, who also believes he’s a dog. GGBR was the best thing to happen to us. No matter where the military may send us, we know that our family is now complete. Thank you to GGBR and to the whole GGBR family for doing what you do.”

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