Animal Success Stories

We welcome updates on the hounds we have placed... if you have a story to tell, please send it to Sally Mitchell,, with photos if possible, and we'll feature it here.

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Barney (fka Jeeves) has come a long way since being with us. He is such a happy boy. He and Brody get along just fine. I can't thank you enough for him. Here is a photo of Barney. --Gail F. 28Aug2023


THE RETURN OF THE JED(i)! It's hard to know everything this scrawny, flea-infested boy with no name had been through by the time he made it to GGBR's safe harbor. Sandee, Bear and daughter Eden Fergusen took him in and Eden named him Jedidiah, which means "beloved of God". He sure was, because without GGBR and Sandee, Bear and Eden, this 'lil guy--now JED for short, a warrior and a survivor of being kicked to the curb, would surely be dead. JED was rescued by GGBR out of the Bakersfield Shelter. When the Fergusen's gathered him in, he was a mess physically, but as is the case with so many abandoned, even abused, basset hounds, his wonderful temperament was intact. Poor 'lil Jed had a horrible tooth infection that went up into his sinuses--it was that bad. Gloria Carlson, our GGBR president and resident Vet Tech Mama, got Jed the medical care he needed, including extensive and expensive dental work. Sandi, Bear and Eden gave him oodles of love and lots of chow--this guy's ribs were sticking out! In fact, he was so malnourished it looked like his head was too big for his body (it's not). Gloria told me that when she got Jed into the Vet, he started immediately giving the Dr. kisses. She decided that Jed had come to replace my hound Percy, who came from GGBR. I only had Percy for a little less than 2 months when he crossed the Rainbow Bridge quite suddenly and unexpectedly. He was young, strong--and he probably died of bloat, something I knew nothing about. (If you are considering adopting, learn about bloat to protect your dog.) Percy was my first basset and he was an astounding gift, showing me that joy was possible again (I had lost my life partner to cancer in January). Losing Percy was almost more than I could bear, but all of my new GGBR family assured me over and over, "Percy will send his replacement." And he did! JED is a lover and, like most bassets, alternates between wanting to play in bursts and lounging. He is something of a Lounge Lizard, actually, but he loves lounging with ME. And that's wonderful. In fact, he is curled up by my side as I write his story. Instead of wandering the streets trying to survive, Jed now shares my home with an elderly beagle rescue named Claire the Tentative (very shy) and now Daisy, another rescued basset out of the Sacramento SPCA. She is up for adoption--but not Jed! Nope, he's mine. A word about Daisy: she is very sweet and the quietest hound I've ever met--because she was debarked! She is about 8 years old, slow and easy going. She likes to cuddle, too, but Jed is very territorial. I have to put Daisy on one side and Jed on the other and I have a Big Basset LOOOOOOOVE Sandwich! Daisy's a great gal, fit right into our home with minimal adjustment time. Jed has a wonderful, easy-going sweet personality and he loves being with people. I think that's the thing that has amazed me the most about getting to know this breed--they really love their people. He doesn't like it much when I'm gone. I recently returned from a business trip and he read me out (barked) for a few minutes to tell me a) he didn't like me being gone and b) he was really, really glad I was back. I got lots of licks after he SHUT UP. Jed has already earned a nickname: SNATCH. If I am walking from the kitchen to the living room with something tasty in my hand, I'd better have it up in front of my face and protected, because this sly hound with simply snatch it (fast and slick, not a shadow of a bite!) and look at me (post-gulp) as if to say "That was MINE. What are YOU looking at?" Jed's new, full name is Jedediah S. Basset. Or Big Boy. He is at good weight now, not too much, but no ribs showing, that's for sure. (Jed's general attitude is "my food is my food; your food is my food; all food is my food because, well, I LOVE FOOD.) So from a homeless, nameless boy, GGBR said "Yes, we can help". Then a big-hearted family took him in and knew he was beloved of God; and named him Jed because they saw the light of the divine in his starving face. Their love, GGBR's expert care, and timing all combined to bring him to a good home. I give thanks not only to Sandee, Bear, and Eden for fostering; to Gloria and GGBR for medical care; I give thanks to whoever is running the universe. It's not often you get one incredible dog (Percy); to get two seems like being piggy, but who cares?! When it comes to rescuing our beloved bassets, we can't get enough. All we can do is pray and act for the day when no dog (esp. bassets) will be kicked to the curb, abandoned, starved and neglected. Jed is happy; I am ecstatic to have such a great companion (and THIEF). Thank you, GGBR! This is what selfless sacrifice and teamwork can accomplish. Another happy hound in another grateful home. Lea Pierce JED's grateful guardian for life


When we picked Jasmine up at the shelter we had no idea that she would be the lovely little houndie she is today. Nor did we imagine that we, as GGBR foster parents, would have another foster failure. Now, 5 months from the day she so timidly entered our home, she is a happy, healthy, lively little gal, full of tricks and always looking for the next adventure or an available warm lap. Her terrible skin, so bad it would be impossible to describe, has cleared and her coat is shiny and soft. We didn't need to adopt another dog but Jasmine made it clear that she had selected us to be her forever family and we are ever so glad she did. We totally adore her and love having her be another one of our precious 'forever' hounds. Mike and Sally Mitchell

James (aka Junior)

Denise says:James is great! I just love him so much, he's a prefect addition to my little family here. He and my blind girl Bonnie are the best of friends. I can take him anywhere and he's very good, unless I leave a cup of Starbucks in my cupholder while I'm in the store(they love to run errands with me, gives him a change to let the air from the car window blowdry his face). He also won 1st place at the Wags N Wuvs Event recently.

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