Animal Success Stories

We welcome updates on the hounds we have placed... if you have a story to tell, please send it to Sally Mitchell,, with photos if possible, and we'll feature it here.

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Clark (right) was adopted along with his longtime brother, Calvin (left). Please see their Happy Tails story, below.

Calvin (Gilroy)

The boys are just wonderful! Steve and I were just saying how it feels like they have been a part of our lives for longer than 5 months. They’ve settled into our home so easily and were clearly cared for by their previous family. Calvin has a loud personality and loves to tell us all about the squirrels and other dogs in the neighborhood! And he’s very generous with his puppy kisses. Clark is a little more cautious around other people than we thought he would be, and he has every right to make that decision. But he is such a big love bug and melts me with those big brown eyes every day. And we can certainly understand why you wanted to keep these brothers together-they keep track of each other throughout the day. I’m lucky to be retired and get to spend most of the day with them. They’re sweet lap dogs when I’m reading or watching TV and wonderful helpers when I’m watering or pruning plants in the garden. And they love to be brushed every day and are so good with ear cleaning, baths and just lots of hugging and petting. Again, you can tell they have been loved. They’re thrilled when Steve gets home from work because that means dinner time and then our nightly walk. I had to laugh when you mentioned adventures, because every night is an adventure! I’m not sure if they didn’t get out on a leash before or just save up all their energy for the evening because it is “game on” when we head out in out neighborhood. Thank goodness they slow down after a few blocks because I don’t think we could keep up. They are super strong!!!! We really are so very lucky to have these sweet, funny boys as part of our family. Here are some recent photos, sadly I don’t have any of the 4 of us. Please feel free to share our happy adoption story as you see fit. We really are so grateful to GGBR for bringing Calvin and Clark into our lives. --D.K., 24Aug2023

Copper (Atwater)

I just had to share that Copper is seriously the best old man addition to our family, old man being relative. He gets zoomies every other night and plays chase with [my husband] Aaron! He adores Aaron and is super well behaved with all the other dogs, and regularly lets Walter, the old dachshund, cuddle with him. This [photo] is him in the morning....Almost every night, he goes up the ramp to sleep in bed with us. Then, sometime around 1-2am, he stands up and barks once or twice until we lift the blanket up for him to crawl under, and he falls back asleep next to Aaron or me, but tucked under the blanket until morning. He is such an amazing dog and the perfect fit for our family. --Copper's new mom and dad, Jan 2023.

Clyde (11/2013)

Here we are doing just great. OMG.. I can't believe it! Louis (former Clyde) and Zoe they play for hours, take naps together to wake up and play more. He is such a beautiful, sweet and loving dog and we are so lucky we have found him. From the moment I saw his picture on the website I knew he was meant to be in our family. When my partner drops me off at work in the morning, Zoe and Louis need to come in and say hi to everyone and that makes everyone happy in the office. He is doing really well. He's now around 61# with a very shine and beautiful coat. I clean his ears regularly and he loves to be touched (never enough)!! I always recommend my friends and coworkers to check GGBR when looking for an adoption. I wish I had a bigger place and rescue more.


Abby, formerly named Chongo, became the 5th member of our family in December 2013, and she has utterly charmed us all with her goofy puppy energy, excellent cuddling skills, curious nature and friendly outlook. Abby loves to, well, insists upon meeting every dog we encounter in the city, and pretty much every human too. Super curious by nature, she will stop to gaze after interesting people, wonder at any new sounds, and fully explore all smells that may lead to something vaguely edible. (We've pulled some very odd things out of her mouth...)Her favorite activities include serious belly rubs, good naps & mealtime, sitting on the front steps watching the world go by, and running on the beach with friends. She's not too fond of car trips, but is making progress, as she will willingly go in as needed. Calm by nature, she readily lets the kids fight over who gets to cuddle with her first after school. We honestly feel like Abby is the very best dog for our family and remain grateful to everyone at GGBR for bringing her into our lives. She truly is an ambassador of goodwill as she brings a smile to strangers faces and in the process, forces us to be way more social too!

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