Animal Success Stories

We welcome updates on the hounds we have placed... if you have a story to tell, please send it to Sally Mitchell,, with photos if possible, and we'll feature it here.

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Amos (Solano)

Every day with Atticus (as Amos is now called) brings joy and thankfulness. He was worth waiting for. I asked you for a smooshy senior to fill the Basset-shaped hole in my heart, and Atticus has moved right in. He is a lap dog who wasted no time in demanding the affection of my extended family, especially his favorite child, my grand-niece, Elizabeth, (photo) who gave him his new name. Thank you so much for finding this wonderful gentlehound for me. I really can't thank you enough for letting Amos come to Oregon. He is as close to perfect as a dog can be.--Dee Klagstad, 23Jan2023 (adopted 12Nov2023 )

Angel (Los Banos)

Angel is the tricolor Basset Hound in the accompanying photo. I adopted her from GGBR in August, 2022. She is the sweetest dog ever! She loves ear rubs and gives kisses all the time. The lighter dog in the photo is Molly. Molly turned 15 in February. I rescued her from the Front Street Shelter in Sacramento, when she was just a puppy. The first time I saw Angel on the GGBR website, I wanted to adopt her right away. But, initially Angel was part of a bonded pair and I couldn't care for three dogs. Later, however, GGBR contacted me about considering Angel'™s œpartner, Larry, since their foster mom eventually came to the conclusion that Angel and Larry were not particularly bonded, after all. I went to the foster home to look at Larry, with the intention of taking him home, but Angel had another idea! Larry and Angel were both there. Larry wasn't too terribly interested in me, but Angel said, œI'm going home with you! We've had some challenges, to be sure. Angel wanted to be the queen over everyone, but I've told her, œI'm the queen and you are a princess. She has learned this rule. Angel is amazing and I love her more than anything in this world. I just cannot think about life without her. I was hesitant to take a senior since I just put my 15-and-a-half-year-old dog down in October 2021. However, I have no regrets or second thoughts about adopting a senior dog! Senior dogs will love you more than anything in this world, so please give them a home. The Iove you get from them is so rewarding. The photo shows Angel, Molly and me on our recent vacation at Dillon Beach. Dillon Beach is a dog-friendly and off-leash beach. I highly recommend it! Please come and enjoy all the times we do! Thank you very much to GGBR for everything you do. You are so appreciated. Nothing keeps Angel down; she is a blessing. I get so much joy out of her every single day. All she has to hear is,'let's go bye-bye' and she's bouncing around barking, because she just loves to go for car rides. ---Heidi C, Molly and Angel, April 2, 2023 (edited, 4/2/2023 FM)


Abigail Mary (formerly Abby) adopted April 25th, 2013 and Oscar, adopted October 2006 This past spring my husband Tony and I lost our beloved 16 year old basset hound, Cadie. Her death was devastating. Although we have another basset hound, Oscar, that we adopted from GGBR in October of 2006, Cadie had such a larger than life personality that the house felt empty. Oscar was not doing well as an only dog, and so we started looking for a second dog much sooner than expected. Right away, Tony fell in love with Abby's picture. She was one of three dogs we submitted applications for. After learning more about the personalities of the other two dogs, we decided they weren't a good fit, but Abby sounded like the dog we were looking for. After a number of weeks, we finally were able to meet her and bring her home. She turned out to be just the right dog for our household. It is hard to believe that she ended up in foster care because her previous owner was tired of having dogs, and was going to put all his dogs to sleep. Fortunately, someone overheard him complaining and rescued the dogs! Thank you for all the work you do, Kathleen Cahill Oh, in the photo of the two dogs, Abigail and Oscar are relaxing after socializing at the dog park.


"JUST LOOK AT ME NOW" Andy McWhinnie Hi, I'm Andy. I am now in my forever home but what a journey. I ended up on the street as a stray, no collar, ID or chip. I have no idea how or why that happened. When I was taken to the local shelter, I was so afraid. No one even knew my name so they gave me a new one and I like it. But no one ever came looking for me and finally my time was up at the shelter and I was going to be put down the very next day. BUT THEN A MIRACLE HAPPENED!! GGBR was notified and I was picked up just in time by my wonderful foster parents, Nancy and Judy. What a close call!! I have such a long life to live and came inches away from losing it. So the angels at GGBR came and scooped me up. There are so many wonderful people at GGBR who work their hearts out day after day to save us hounds. After a wonderful time with Nancy and Judy, I was introduced to my new mom, Vanna, a couple of months ago. From the very first minute of getting in the house, I knew I was home. I came right in the front door and I immediately felt like I had always been here, met my new brother Buddy (he's 16, a lot older than I am) and we ran around with each other, through the house, around the yard, until we were tired out. My mom took me up on the couch right away and held me.....I told her I would be the BEST DOG SHE'D EVER HAD! Buddy started grooming me and I even let him do that as much as he wants...I don't care. It feels good and makes him feel better :-) From the first day, I have thrived more each day. I have gained some much needed weight. I crawl up on the couch with my own step stool and I crawl up the little steps beside mom's bed when it's time for sleep. Buddy and I sleep with mom but she lets me sleep right by her head all night long and I snuggle into her so much that sometimes she needs to push me over during the night. I don't like being pushed around like that but I guess I should remember that it's also HER bed. Bud sleeps at the foot and he doesn't care where I sleep. I have a great life running around the yard with Buddy and take sun baths every morning. I get up on "my" chaise lounge on the deck all by myself...and stay usually a couple of hours. Mom is retired so she is home most of every day so I get lots of love, attention and treats!!! I plan to live a long and happy life here in Petaluma. Were it not for all my angels at GGBR (Nancy and Judy, Donna--who helped mom get all settled in with me, Sally, who got me into the system and Gloria who gave me a good reference)....there are so many wonderful people at GGBR who make sure each of us hounds gets the exact right forever home. I owe my life to them and love them all forever As I said, JUST LOOK AT ME NOW!! Love, Andy :-)


Archie is enjoying his new family and his new home in Fair Oaks. His skin condition has cleared and he has gained some weight. He is sleeping and eating well and enjoys taking walks and snuggling on the sofa! He seems very happy in his new home and it feels as if he has always been a part of our family. Thank you Golden Gate Basset Rescue for bringing us together. Archie has been a wonderful addition to our family! Robin & Ralph

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