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Nadia, an approximately 4 year old female basset hound, came to GGBR from the Kings County Shelter where she was an unclaimed stray. It was presumed that Nadia is afflicted with demodex, a skin condition which is caused by the proliferation of mites. Diagnosis and treatment began on June 12 thanks to her now being in the care of GGBR and in a loving foster home. In the photos on this website, the dark coloring on Nadia's face and body are not her coat, they are her bare skin. Much of her body and face has no hair. This sweet girl will be undergoing treatment for her skin condition for some time. If the condition is demodex, she will eventually recover and her skin condition will return to normal. At this point, we are looking forward to a definite diagnosis being made and the appropriate treatment being provided for this needy houndie.

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