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Bandit (Olivehurst)

Bandit, a 10 year 9month old senior basset, has been an outside dog for many of his recent years. He is a gentle, loving fellow who is enjoying the attention he is receiving from his foster family, with whom he will likely live out his remaining years. Bandit has recently come into GGBR and his specific health needs are being addressed now. He has two large masses on his torso which were determined to be not cancerous. He also has discomfort from his back and hips, affecting his mobility. He will be on rimadyl for that condition. Skin issues affect this fellow; he has just received a cytopoint shot and likely will benefit from those shots on an ongoing basis. Bandit's vision is limited due to his age. In spite of his age and health issues, Bandit is a happy hound, enjoying his new life in GGBR.

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