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Montana was surrendered to GGBR because he had a  a serious genetic health condition, specifically a liver shunt. What this means is that within his body there was  a vein that bypassed the liver such that his body did not have the benefit of  a functioning liver. Without surgery, Montana's life was limited to months. 

Thanks to the many generous donors who contributed to the funding needed for surgery, Montana was able to have surgery on his liver on June 17 at UC Davis Veterinary Hospital. The surgery was  successful and Montana was released from the hospital to his foster home on June 20. He will continue to be on medications and a special diet for several months and on an antacid for his lifetime.

In spite of having been in ill health during his life,  this pup is a happy, loving little lap dog.  He has spunk and is a confident puppy. According to his foster mom, he is 'super duper cute to be sure.' 

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