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Flash (Reno)

Flash, who is now almost 12 old, came to GGBR from the Reno shelter where she had been surrendered, along with several of her offspring. She appeared to have had many litters and was recovering from her last litter when she was surrendered. She was placed into a foster home where she is the only dog and she is happily living out her senior years in that loving home. She is a happy dog  in spite of the traumas she has experienced in her life, including two recent major surgeries. 

When Flash came to GGBR, her health issues required that she have surgery for mammary tumors, an oral-nasal fistula, and a fractured jaw bone. She recovered well from those surgeries. Due to part of her jaw bone having been removed, she is on a soft food diet for the remainder of her days. She recently developed another oral-nasal  fistula which required yet another surgery. Flash also has some  new tumors developing and has frequent ear infections.

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