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Alfred (Big Al) is now about 10 1/2 years old  and has been in foster care with Bate and John since May 2018. He was surrendered to GGBR by his owners because he was shy, fearful, whiny, and unable to get along with other dogs. Bate and John believe that Big Al is not trustworthy with people and cannot be safely placed in an adoptive home. He has charged people for no apparent reason, snarling and being threatening. He has not bitten anyone (yet) but Bate and John don’t trust that he would never bite. They took him to obedience class and have tried to work with him to help him be more socialized but nothing has worked. However, he is very happy at Bate and John’s home, loves roaming the property and trusts them such that they can do anything to him. However, he has gone after folks who frequently come to the home, people with whom he is familiar. It seems that he will be a long-term foster placement with Bate and John.

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