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SOUTH FORK KENNEL - The property has been foreclosed on.  The owners claim to have moved but we believe that they are living in a trailer next door.  We also believe that Wanda still has around 30 breeding dogs on the property, hidden when animal control visit.  She is believed to be breeding the dogs in her trailer, and then delivering the pups to her daughter Wendy and granddaughter Ruby, in Anderson, to sell.  They are believed to still have constant litters for sale and Greg is apparently still delivering these pups around the State or shipping further afield



Although we have a signed agreement from Wanda Rogers to state that she will not breed or sell basset hounds once the 18 pups she had on the ground in December 2009 were sold, we have recently learned that she has new breeding stock and has current puppies for sale.  We have three separate testimonies to this development.  If you call she will probably tell you that she doesn't have pups, but knows someone who does... that person is her grand-daughter and the dogs belong to Wanda.  The grand-daughter lives in Anderson, Shasta County.

BE WARNED... Based on the evidence from the dogs we rescued it is our opinion that dogs that originated from the SOUTH FORK KENNELS ARE INFECTED WITH GIARDIA AND COCCIDIA.  This is ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO ERADICATE and in our opinion it means that puppies bred at this establishment are probably sick.  The adult breeding stock will probably have carried this with them.  Giardia is transmittable to humans and, in our opinion, their PUPPIES ARE probably SPREADING THIS INFECTION ACROSS THE STATE, and even further afield.

In our opinion, THIS IS NOT THE PLACE to purchase a basset hound puppy from.  A recent puppy buyer, whose pup has giardia that is proving very resistant to get rid of, has called Wanda several times but never gets a call back.  However, if you call and say you are interested in buying a puppy from her, you will get an almost immediate call back.    This kennel just wants your money. 

Additionally, our experience is that dogs from South Fork are, in our opinion, under-socialized and in many cases psychologically scarred from living in those kennel runs.  We expected some problems with dogs that had never lived in a home, or been walked on a leash, but we are seeing problems much more extreme than that, even in the 6mth old pups we took in. If you are lucky enough to get your pup before they are placed in the kennel runs you may not realize just what sort of life the moms and dads of these litters are going through.  For those that spent their formative months or longer in the kennels, life is a great challenge.  Every morning these dogs wake up and forget a lot of what they learned the day before.  They may try and hide from the person they were snuggling with the night before.  They may run into the yard and not want to come back inside.  They may see an open door and run to escape the horrors that are normal and everyday life to you and your other dogs.  They may freeze when you put a leash on them, regardless of how gently you talk to them, or what yummy treats you are offering them.  Shy, timid and fearful....those poor dogs....

In taking in 61 basset hounds in one day, and having to have every one treated for giardia, coccidia, mites, spay/neutered etc..... and with 13 of them still in our care there are ongoing costs.... our medical bills have been astronomical.  We are extremely grateful to the many vet clinics and humane societies who are assisting with some of these costs by providing low cost spay and neuter services, or giving 'rescue discounts' on their bills.  Inparticular:

  • The Bird and Pet Clinic, Roseville
  • The Humane Society of Silicon Valley, Milpitas
  • Dr Robert Tisdale, Mission San Jose, Fremont
  • Dr Gill, Veterinary Medical Center, Union City
  • Dr Mark Madden, Jackson Veterinary Clinic, Jackson
  • ARF, Walnut Creek
  • Dr Bethann Palermo, St Helena
  • Dr Hinckle, Petaluma
  • PAWS, Oroville

Thereare others... and for every discounted procedure, it means we can spend the money to treat and possibly eventually remove the eye of the glaucoma dog, and to repair the growth plate abnormality in the orthopedic case...

For anyone new to reading this page - the background - GGBRwere contacted by the owners of a commercial breeding kennel in December 2009.  They said they needed to close due to personal health issues and wanted tosurrender all their dogs.  Cavalier King Charles Spanielrescue ( had taken 29 CKCSs already.  The number of basset hounds turned out to be 61. That is 90 dogs in total... that's a lot of dogs to feed and care for every day, and we relieved Wanda and Greg Rogers of that cost on December 18, 2009.  What a great Christmas Present we gave them.

We transported the basset hounds to foster homes all over northern California that day and began the task of evaluating them medically.  Tests revealed giardia in most of the dogs.  One has glaucoma in one eye, one a mammary tumor, two heartworm positive, one an orthopedic problem in a leg.  All have a severe amount of tartar (even the six month olds), and the older dogs have severe dental disease, and most have ear mites and/or infections of some sort or other.

Our estimate on medical costs has proved to be true, with many of the dogs costing hundreds of dollars to treat...  PLEASE USE THE PAYPAL BUTTON ON THE LEFT HAND MENU BAR TO DONATE or mail checks to:


PO Box 4958


CA 94955

The hounds needed some very intensive TLC... they were not house-trained, not leash-trained, and most were a little timid due to limited socialization. A number of them are extremely TRAUMATIZED and may never adjust to life in the 'real world'.  Very sad... and we have to hope that this cycle will not be repeated as a result of the kennel starting to sell again.  Unsold pups face a very sorry life condemned to those (probably) disease-ridden kennel runs.

 Please email if you have any questions.

Thanks to one of our foster homes... Karen Metcalfe, of Oroville, who recently updated us on how her foster experience was progressing:

I will never forget Dec.18th 2009 when we  were at the GGBR Great Basset Rescue.  The fear that these bassets showed when being brought out of those reeking kennels, that were the only home they have ever known was heartbreaking.  Some of them fought the leashes, some gave up only to be carried out and a few came out prancing as if they knew their life was suddenly going to be one of a well loved basset.

I am lying in bed right now with little petite Sophee (she is the size of about a 4 month old buppyand was the one called Peanut, aged 7 yrs) and Isabelle (previously Dumplin, also 7) curled up next to me sleeping peacefully.  Though some may feel their progress is slow going, I feel the pride of a Momma for each tiny little step forward that they take.   A small wag of the tail brings a huge smile to my face.  There was nothing like watching them experience the feel of fallen leaves and grass under their feet even if they were were very unsure of the experience for a while.  Let me tell you that I was bursting with pride the day that Sophee came running up to me when I called, bouncing like a little buppy!  Then there was the first time that Isabelle came into the living room all by herself and crawled on the couch. This was a huge obstacle as Isabelle acts like she is always waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Everyday I am thankful and grateful to all those that worked so hard, donated their time and gave what they could, even in these hard times, to make this rescue of my Nelly Belle's family a reality.  Even though I knew this place was bad when I brought Nelly Belle out of there a little over 14 months ago I truly did not realize how large or horrid it really was.

Droolz and many Thank You's to all that helped my girl's family members be in homes for Christmas this year.  I will hold you all very dear in my heart and will never forget what you have done.

Karen and The Dog House Gang with our two newest family members that we will always love.

May they find their "Furever Homes" and always know that we love them.

Dumplin, now Isabelle Dumplin, now Isabelle  Peanut (now Sophee) Peanut, now Sophee  Dumplin/Isabelle, Peanut/Sophee with kitty

Isabelle & Sophee perfectly at home with Nikko kitty!!  Notice the yellow staining on the legs and underbellies... from living in the filth of their kennel runs for years.  Isabelle is still in foster care after an unsuccessful placement due to her severe timidity.


Following are the first photos of the dogs that were surrendered to us from the commercial breeder kennel on December 18, 2009.....

Kennel Run showing feces and dirt

Blue Female Jan 08? Sage, dob 1/16/2009  (sent to Dexter's Rescue Remedy)

Female born summer 09?  Doris, now Sophie

Doris, dob 6/1/2009 (adopted by foster home and renamed Sophie)

Pap Pap"Rika", Dec 11  Paprika Dec18Pap"Rika" on intake Dec 18 (adopted by foster home, timid and very wary of everyone)

Cindy, Tricolor, dob 7/1/08 Cindy, Tricolor, dob 7/1/08 (adopted, but returned due to severe trauma and now in rehabilitation)

Female, 08 Violet, dob 1/16/2009 (sent to Dexter's Rescue Remedy)

Betty Jo, Red and White, dob 2/12/03 Betty Jo, aka Peanut

Betty Jo, Red and White, dob 2/12/03 - adopted

Lolly, Red and White, dob 5/16/08 Lolly, now Lexie

Lolly, Red and White, dob 5/16/08 (Adopted, now called Lexie - very timid)

Butterscotch, Red and White, young Butterscotch, dob 6/3/2007 (to be adopted by foster home - VERY timid, hides from visitors under the bed... some very good friends and regular visitors of the foster family didn't even know she existed)

Summer, Red and White, dob 7/22/08 Summer, dob 7/22/08 (adopted by foster home)

Female, tricolor, young Pattie, dob 9/1/2008 - ADOPTED with Connie

Female, Tricolor #52, young Samantha, dob 11/21/2008 (adopted by foster home - also extremely timid)

Cammy, Tricolor, dob 5/16/08 Cammy, dob 5/16/08 (adopted by foster home)

Punkin, mahogany & white, dob 5/16/08 Punkin, dob 5/16/08 (adopted by foster home - very timid)

Sassy, Dec 11 Sassy, dob 12/3/2007 (ADOPTED)

Cassy, Dec 11 Cassy, dob 12/3/2007 (ADOPTED)

Gwen, Dec 11 Gwen, dob 3/8/2004 (adopted by foster home, extremely timid)

Peanut, Dec 11 Peanut, dob 11/15/2002 - won't walk on a leash but loves people even more than dogs!  Was undergoing special professional training.  Recently adopted although she remains extremely timid.

Freckles, Dec 11 Freckles, dob 11/15/2002 - ADOPTED - very timid

Speckles, Dec 11 Speckles, dob 9/1/2008 - ADOPTED - very timid

Peggie, Dec 11 Peggie, dob 9/1/2008 - AVAILABLE - extremely timid and likely to remain in foster care for many months yet unless the right home comes along.

Nutmeg, Dec 11 Nutmeg, dob 12/24/2003 (adopted by foster home)

Sunshine, dob 3/18/2005 Sunshine, dob 3/18/2005 (recently adopted - very timid)

DeeDee, dob 11/15/2002 DeeDee, dob 11/15/2002 (Recently adopted - very timid)

Dumplin, dob 11/15/2002 Dumplin, dob 11/15/2002 - AVAILABLE (walks on leash with another dog for company, fearful and doesn't like traffic - placed then returned due to her fearfulness - now undergoing professional training)

Midnight, dob 3/18/2005 Midnight, dob 3/18/2005 - ADOPTED

Muffet, dob 5/2/2005 Muffet, dob 5/2/2005 - in long term foster care, extremely timid

Martha, dob 12/22/2008 Martha, dob 12/22/2008 (sent to Dexter's Rescue Remedy)

Marilyn, dob 12/22/2008 Marilyn (aka Charlotte), dob 12/22/2008 (sent to Dexter's Rescue Remedy)

Bonnie, dob 9/1/2008 Bonnie, dob 9/1/2008 - adopted

Connie, dob 9/1/2008 Connie, dob 9/1/2008 - ADOPTED (was placed with Pattie and will need to have surgery (paid for by GGBR) when she is two years old to correct a deformity in her leg)

Lola, dob 12/22/2008 Lola, dob 12/22/2008 - AVAILABLE - very fearful and currently in rehabilitation

Sunny, dob 2/1/2004 Sunny, dob 2/1/2004 (adopted by foster home)

Annie, dob 3/6/2004 Annie, dob 3/6/2004 - AVAILABLE (but will not be placed just yet - extremely fearful)

Molly, dob 3/21/2004 Molly, dob 3/21/2004 - ADOPTED

Dominique, dob 9/17/2004 Dominique, dob 9/17/2004 - AVAILABLE (but will not be placed just yet - extremely fearful)

Jasmine, dob 2/1/2004 Jasmine, dob 2/1/2004 (adopted)

Maggie Mae, dob 7/6/2006 Maggie Mae, dob 7/6/2006 (card belongs to Maggie) - AVAILABLE - very fearful

Becky, dob 7/27/2006 Becky, dob 7/27/2006 (semt tp HSSV - ADOPTED!!!)

Sweetie, dob 11/21/2008 Sweetie, dob 11/21/2008 (ADOPTED by one of the initial rescue team)

Beauty, dob 11/15/2002 Beauty, dob 11/15/2002 - AVAILABLE (but VERY FEARFUL - won't be placed as too timid and in need of extensive rehabilitation)

Beau, dob 2/17/2003 Beau, dob 2/17/2003 - Adopted August 2010

Claire, dob 3/6/2004 Claire, dob 3/6/2004 - Available but may be ADOPTED by her foster home as she is fairly fearful and they have had her for so long now.

Bo Jangles (BJ), dob 5/12/2008 Bo Jangles, dob 5/12/2008 (adopted by foster home)

Bunny, dob 4/8/2007 Bunny, dob 4/8/2007 -AVAILABLE BUT VERY FEARFUL

Esther, dob 4/8/2007 Esther, dob 4/8/2007 - ADOPTED!! Very fearful and timid

Cassanova, dob 6/3/2007 Casanova, dob 6/3/2007 - ADOPTED but very fearful.  He is with the foster families' parents where he can lead a very quiet life.  Several failed applications for him due to his timid nature.

Maggie, dob 3/21/2004 Maggie, dob 3/21/2004- AVAILABLE (has glaucoma which went untreated and in danger of losing at least one of her eyes, so pending medical treatment/surgery - glaucoma currently under control - all it took was some specialist vet care)

Louie, dob 3/8/2004 Louie, dob 3/8/2004 - AVAILABLE (but not ready for placement yet - VERY FEARFUL)

Siggi, dob 3/21/2004 Siggi, dob 3/21/2004 (adopted by foster home)

Elvis, dob 3/16/2005 Elvis, dob 3/16/2005 (sent to Dexter's Rescue Remedy)

Benny, dob 1/12/2001 Benny, dob 1/12/2001 (HSSV - ADOPTED by the President of the HSSV!!  Was heartworm positive.)

Zeus, dob 1/16/2009 Ol' Blue, dob 1/16/2009 (ADOPTED but VERY fearful)

Buddy, dob 12/22/2008 Buddy, dob 12/22/2008 (adopted by foster home)

Ol' Blue, dob 1/9/2008 Zeus, dob 1/9/2009 (adopted by foster home - timid and fearful)

Napoleon, dob 5/28/2004  Napoleon, dob 5/28/2004 (Sonoma Humane Society - ADOPTED!!  Extremely timid.)

Bernadette, dob 9/17/2004 Bernadette, dob 9/17/2004 - AVAILABLE (but not ready for placement yet - EXTREMELY FEARFUL - moved to rehabilitation)

Bunches, dob 9/30/2004 Bunches, dob 9/30/2004 - ADOPTED - her life as a cash crop producer now thankfully over...

Jack, dob 6/1/2009 Jack, dob 6/1/2009 (adopted by foster home)

Harry, dob 6/1/2009 Harry, dob 6/1/2009 - ADOPTED!!!!!  Only six months old on intake but extremely fearful and still hides from the people he loves... wakes up every morning one step back... takes two steps forward during the day... then another step back overnight and sometimes three steps back... slow progress and a very common story...

Spike, dob 6/1/2009 Spike, dob 6/1/2009 (HSSV - ADOPTED!!)

Shooter, dob 6/1/2009 Shooter, dob 6/1/2009 (adopted by foster home)