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Animal Success Stories
We welcome updates on the hounds we have placed... if you have a story to tell, please send it to Addy Dawes,, with photos if possible, and we'll feature it here.

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Daisy (1/12)

Date of Adoption 2/18/2012 Daisy has filled a hole in our home and hearts that has already made our family feel complete again. We owned basset hounds (2 females) who we loved for many years until they passed away (at age 12 and 16). We later adopted a larger (mixed breed) rescue dog who we treasured for 10 years until he too died. We waited a full year before deciding to adopt a dog again, but knew we wanted to go back to owning a basset hound because of their loving and gentle ways. We went to Wags n’ Wuv – an adoption fair put on in Oakland by Citizen Canine, specifically because we read Golden Gate Basset Rescue would be there. We met Daisy at the event who was there with her dedicated and loving foster parents (Sally & Mike) as well as the remarkable veterinarian (Mark) who operated on her for a large bladder stone and treated her for other medical conditions she had developed from being neglected and left to roam on the street. She made a miraculous recovery and is now putting weight back on that she lost while ill and looking more adorable every day. She is crazy about people and dogs and is a little flirt on walks, wanting everyone to meet and greet her. She is a champion cuddle-bug and totally into sun-bathing. She is the most low-maintenance, easy-going dog we’ve ever owned. We are head over heels in love with her and are so grateful to everyone associated with GGBR who brought her into our lives. Peter & Carol

Daisy 7/13

I adopted Daisy at the July 4th event (Waddle) in Novato this year. She is such a delight to me and my grand daughter. I've attached a couple of pictures - one, of her favorite tummy rub activities and the other is just a picture of her beautiful smile. We've established a routine of walks in the early morning and again in the evening and Daisy is sure to let us know if we forget or she thinks its 'time'. I was amazed at how easily she accepted my 15 year old cat as well as the other recently rescued feline. Daisy is an absolute delight to have around even on her late night forays to the backyard to chase off stray cats, possums, raccoons and other creatures wandering into her domain. She loves to go for car rides with me on every possible occasion. We surprised the cashier at the drive through window of the pharmacy and were pleasantly surprised at the accommodations at a restaurant on the river. They supplied ice water and doggie treats for her while we waited for our dinner. Shopping at Petsmart is a weekly event where she gets treats again (we're on a first name basis there). It's truly a dog's world and we're so very happy to be a part of it! I could go on and on about all the delightful things Daisy does to make my life more enjoyable, but its sufficient to say I can't imagine being without her. Thank you to GGBR for the wonderful work you are doing for these animals. Gwen Ford

Daisy (Redding)
Daisy (Redding)

Daisy is our four year old Basset Hound adopted 3/22/13. I drove over three hours to pick Daisy up, and I would do it a thousand more times! She brings us so much happiness, and we feel incredibly lucky to have her in our lives. Amber


We adopted Dory (who we named Bailey) in October. We were married in September, 2009 and have no children yet, but had been discussing getting a dog for awhile. We wanted to rescue a dog but also wanted a puppy so the Finding Nemo Litter was the perfect compromise for us. When we went to visit Kendra's, we fell in love with Bailey immediately. She came right over to us and had the funniest, spunkiest personality. We also loved the way she watched and followed around the children that came to visit as well. Since we took her home, she has fit in to our family perfectly. We have two cats and the three of them have fun chasing each other around the house. Sometimes when Bailey gets a little too excited, the kitty's give her a light swat to remind her who is in charge! There is never a dull moment around here anymore... Bailey loves to go wine tasting with us and sits calmly in the tasting rooms people watching and taking it all in. She is a very social and people-loving dog so she goes everywhere with us and loves it, which is exactly what we hoped for! She has grown so much in the few months we have had her (a little more than what we had expected) but she still thinks she is a tiny puppy who can sit in your lap... We just don't have the heart to tell her she isn't so little anymore! We are so grateful to the Golden Gate Basset Rescue for sponsoring these beautiful dogs and we are especially thankful to Kendra Fortino for being the angel who took in Lucy and gave our puppy such a good start in life. We can't imagine our life without our beautiful Bailey girl!! Amy & Tim O'Connor (and the kitty's Bootsie and Theo) Novato, California


Escapades with bassets… There is no denying that dog ownership is a true responsibility as well as a privilege. In the case of caring for bassets, we are rewarded daily with sloppy ears calling for a gentle wipe, occasional puddles of liquid love around their food bowls (calling for a paper towel or two) and the opportunity to turn our serious selves over to comic relief. We have welcomed all of these with our latest adoption from Golden Gate Bassets. Our little girl Dilala (she is quite smallish for a basset) started calling to us with her hopeful eyes from the GGB website. She introduced herself with a brief description about her qualities, but somehow she forgot to mention how quickly she would be willing to give us an abundance of love. When you open yourself up to be adopted by a basset, the only thing which you might risk is a shortage of time: maybe too little time for cleaning the house, but definitely more time for lying on the floor massaging the folds in your bassets neck or inventing a new game to play with your idle socks which your dog will find, wherever you keep them. Each dog, adult or puppy, comes with a unique background, their own history, but all offer the opportunity to love. Our only “job” is to provide the environment in which they can express themselves and become their best, most happy selves. The happiness we receive for giving them a chance at this is unlimited. We are more than a little in love with our basset, as you can tell. We are so glad that she is in our family (she has joined Bella, also a basset, and Murphy, a mini-dachshund). Our pets insisted that she stay also, they even offered a cherished spot on our sofa for her. We are most appreciative of the care and concern that GGB offers in giving all of these adoptable pets a new lease (leash!) on life. They do a great job and are most appreciated. Right Diliala? She is nodding in agreement!

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