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Sunday, September 7 - Canine Fear & Aggression Seminar at Braveheart Dogs in San Leandro

Saturday, September 20 - Bark in the Park, San Jose

Saturday, November 1 (note new date)  - Howl At The Moon - Auction & Dinner, Swiss Park Newark
 (more info soon)

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Announcing "GOLDEN OLDIES" -
our "Seniors For Seniors" program....
If you are 65 or older, you may adopt any of our dogs who are 9 yrs old and older FOR HALF PRICE! 
Please tell us in the comments box of the adoption application form that you are interested in this option.  
Senior Girl

Bassets live on average to around 13, and we have lots of examples of our senior hounds living to 15 and even older!!

Remember to let us know that you want to take advantage of this offer (we don't ask your age on the application form!)

2015 Calendar Contest
raised $8909 -  THANK YOU!!

WINNERS Fletcher - $1732
Rosie - $865
Dolly - $566
Calvin - $516
Billy- $474
Molly Belle Bullentini - $396
Toby - $385
Thor - $351
Cassie - $350
Lulu - $336
Blu - $327
Lucy - $273
Daisy Mae Jetton - $270
Teddi, Madden or Sasha - $165
We sold out of last year's calendar - don't miss out this year!!

Check out the GGBR Event Calendar here!
GGBR will hold periodic "Meet the Bassets" events "Meet the Bassets" Events -
at the new Woodlands Pet Food Store in Novato!
and at Alameda's Pet Food Express 

Woodlands Pet Foods in Novato To Be Announced
Pet Food Express, Alameda Occasionally... watch this space!!

Approved adopters may meet available dogs there.  Foster homes encouraged to bring their foster dogs!  There is no guarantee that adoptable dogs will be there... if you are interested in any of the dogs on our website, please make sure you have applied and been approved.  We will do our best to have that dog (and any others you like) there for you to meet.  Our dogs are in foster homes all over northern California, so we have to make special arrangements to get them there.
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Golden Gate Basset Rescue

Highlighted Dogs
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Dis be Harlee. Before my foster Mom gets started, me just want to let you all know dat me lub me wemmins and me gurls. It no matter how old dey be, me lub dem all!   Before I even start talking about Harlee I want to address his age. I think this is an important topic and one that scares many potential adopters because they feel Harlee is potentially at the end of his life span because he is considered a “Senior Dog”. Age is just a number and if life has taught me more about Harlee
Foxy is a lovely tri-color 5-year-old female basset, 45 pounds a bit on the small site--and a bit of a pistol, a bit bossy! Her foster family loves her and will miss her when she's gone. She is friendly and loving, likes to sit and snuggle with her head on your leg while watching TV. She generally does well with other dogs. She is good with small children. Foxy is extremely intelligent and wants to please. She needs a person who has the time to engage with her consistently to teach her more about Foxy
Earl was originally adopted from GGBR in 2009, sadly his owners living situation has changed and Earl is again in need of a forever home.  This handsome fellow Loves being petted (will even bark at you until you pet him sometimes), wiggles his butt when he’s excited and happy. He is very gentle taking treats, good with kids, other dogs, will bark and chase cats if they run. House trained (only a couple accidents because we didn’t know he needed out.) Likes to play with the more about Earl
Meet Elvis! A very handsome Basset boy in search of a very special home. Here's what his foster dad has to say about this lovely boy:  I first met Elvis at the Solano County Animal Shelter. His long time owner kicked him to the curb because he didn't get along with their new small dog and he was not good with kids. The shelter said he was terrified. When they brought out this big beautiful red and white Basset I introduced myself to him and when I touched him he was shaking he more about Elvis
Neil is a lovely fellow. He is blind, but he manages just fine as you can see in the videos. We don't really know how old Neil is; 11 is our best guess. He is friendly with people of all ages and is also good with other dogs and pretty good with cats. He may bark at a cat, when he encounters one close up, but since he can't see, he can't really chase it. He is learning to ignore the cats in his foster home. He enjoys walks on leash, but is pretty slow moving, so probably not the best choice of more about Neil



Please take the time to browse our site, check that adoption of a Basset Hound is right for you, and/or see how you can help in other ways. If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact

If you would like to run your own fundraising campaign for GGBR, please click the button below, when you will be taken to our "starter page" on This is a great way to get donations for the annual Waddle, in Novato on July 4th each year!


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Why Rescue?

Your Petstore Pup

Author Unknown

Cherish your new pet store pup -
Stand always by his side.
Mend his ills and give him hugs
and lots of fun car rides.

Feed him well and let him run
to build his body strong.
Play with him and give him treats.
Love him his whole life long.

You'll soon become his hero.
He will not ask you for much.
He'll trade his lifelong loyalty
for your kind word and touch.

Count him among your blessings,
as you are his blessing, too,
but then please do just one thing more,
When every day is through.

Take time to look into his eyes
each night you tuck him in.
I bet you'll see reflected there,
two other pups like him.
They've never had a family,
soft bed, good food, or fun.
They live life out in a wire box -
and never get to run.

They suffer searing heat at times,
at others freezing cold,
as weeks and months and years drag by
While they are growing old.

So think about his mom and dad
who shine there through his eyes,
and remember all the mill dogs
who are paying with their lives.

If they had ever had a chance,
they'd have grown up like him, too,
with years of love to give and get
before their lives were through.

You'll never see them face to face -
Such miracles are rare -
But pray for your pup's mom and dad,
'cause someone ought to care...

Don't buy your basset hound over the internet or from a pet store.  We can advise you about buying a well bred basset hound from a reputable breeder, and if your heart is set on a puppy, we occasionally get these in rescue also. If you are looking for a reputable breeder in California, check out this website: 

Basset Hound Club of America - CA Breeders List