Animal Success Stories

We welcome updates on the hounds we have placed... if you have a story to tell, please send it to Sally Mitchell,, with photos if possible, and we'll feature it here.

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Lady (Ceres)

Daisy (formerly named Lady, pictured at left in the photo) has been a joy from the minute we welcomed her into our home. She gained a big brother, Bentley, and they love each other! We've had a lot of adventures to show her just how great life is, which include her first Pup Cup at Peet's Coffee, being a part of our dog park pack of 15 at our local dog park, adventures all over San Francisco, trips to the Napa Valley, festivals in SF and her first SF Giants baseball game for Dog Days at the park. She loves attention and she and her brother get a lot of it when we're out and about, but what she loves most is coming home, racing upstairs to grab her stuffed lamby and settling in for a night at home, snuggled on the couch with us. She is perfect in every way! We're so grateful to GGBR for the opportunity to adopt her. She is living her best life and will continue to with her forever family!--Michelle Hunter, San Francisco, 08Jul2024. (Adopted 31Jan2024)

Rocky (Turlock)

We changed Rocky's name to Wilbur. As you can see from the picture I sent, Wilbur just completed level 1 obedience 6 week training class. We signed him up for level 2 class in August. Wilbur is doing well, he is very energetic young male basset hound. Also a very smart basset hound. We are enjoying having him. We are taking him camping this July for 1 week. Wilbur is definitely keeping us busy with all his energy. --D.D., 26June2024, (adopted 02Mar2024)


Drax is amazing! He is fitting right into the pack! He's the baby with Peaches being 3 and Tank and Diego being 5. They all have such great energy and keep each other entertained. I think a home with multiple dogs is exactly what he needed! He does not like going to the vet or having his feet touched. We take him to the groomer with the other babies every 4 weeks. He loves the bath. Hates the nail trim! He is very protective of his family, his pack (to include my daughter and his mom and dad). He LOVES affection! Espcecially licking! We joke that we need to get him a licker license! The other babies are super protective of him. When they are all at the groomers and they take them one on one to the bath, the babies cry and whine when Drax is out of their eyesight. He travels extremely well in the car. He is such a good baby! I am forever grateful for the opportunity to be his mom!--Amy S., Carson City, NV 26Jun2024_(adopted 31Dec2023)


Olive, (formerly known as Susy), had a fear of leashes, [when I adopted her], but she got over that right away. She loves to go on her morning speed walk along T Street (1.1 mile in about 20 minutes). And is eager for any additional walks throughout the day. I have a cat now, as well, and the two of them get along very well. They roll around and chase each other but it's always playful. Everywhere we go, people comment what an adorable dog she is. She loves walking in urban neighborhoods with people on the sidewalks, parks, home improvement stores and nurseries. And of course she loves to chase squirrels up trees.--Tom, Sacramento, 25Jun2024_(adopted 16Feb2024)


Thought I would update you on Atticus [formerly known as Snoopy (Sacramento)]. He pretty quickly was house trained. He and Scheherazade stopped beating each other up after a couple of weeks and are besties. He has slept through the night in bed since day one. His barking has slowly become nearly non existent and he now barks when he hears something that he doesn't recognize; he's otherwise quiet. He has become an unmotivated office worker.---Michelle K., 15Mar2024. Adopted 19Jan2024.

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