Animal Success Stories

We welcome updates on the hounds we have placed... if you have a story to tell, please send it to Addy Dawes,, with photos if possible, and we'll feature it here.

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Mari came to us after being found wandering in œMariposa. She has short ears and a deformed front paw. When she arrived, she was very quiet and subdued. During the first few weeks, we tried to take her for walks, but she was not interested in going more than a few feet in any one direction. Given she is young, about three years old, we assumed her lack of interest in being mobile was related to her bad leg. After about six weeks with us, she began to warm up and now we know she can run like nobody’s business. While she prefers to do somethings lying down, like eating, she loves to chase birds and squirrels outside and enjoys being chased around the house and yard by her humans, especially when a wooden duck toy is involved. She is a very smart dog and has an amazing sense of smell. She is slowly making progress with her separation anxiety and distrust of other dogs. She loves people and even when she knows she’s been naughty, she rolls over for a belly rub. Mari gets lots of human interaction and we continue to assure her she is safe with us. --Robyn K., 06Oct2023


Thank you so much for gifting me Emma [fka Roma]. She has brought so much joy into my life! I so much appreciate that you did not give up on me with respect to finding a basset. It really took time and patience to finally put us together, but we have now completely bonded and I cannot image my days without her! Thank you so much! G.O._06Sept2023


Barney (fka Jeeves) has come a long way since being with us. He is such a happy boy. He and Brody get along just fine. I can't thank you enough for him. Here is a photo of Barney. --Gail F. 28Aug2023


Here are some pictures of Olivia who is known as Olive now. (From Corning with olives and goes with Willow as a "tree" theme.) We are so pleased with our experience with GGBR and Olive. She is a perfect match for us. Willow, our 9 year old was quite depressed when her best basset friend, Llola, went over the Rainbow Bridge the end of February. Now that Olive is here, the two of them play, run around our rooms in the morning like crazies doing the Basset500 and they go out roaming the yard as a team of Bassets each day. Olive is the sweetest and loves attention. We are calming her down with her exuberant greetings and teaching her scratching our bare feet isn't the only way to get our attention!! Otherwise, she is perfect. She fit right into our routine and seems to like our other animals, even the cats. Since we have only ever had Basset Hounds, we are obviously biased that Bassets are the best, even when they do "basset-things." The wonderful couple who fostered Olive provided very helpful and accurate information about her. They delivered her, which was not expected, and couldn't have been nicer. We have been texting some Olive updates since. After the approval process, it didn't seem to be very long until GGBR found us this wonderful addition to our family. We can't imagine her ever having been called a "stray" and are so pleased to have her in her forever home. Ron Inouye and Marti Denk, Stockton, 27Aug2023


Clark (right) was adopted along with his longtime brother, Calvin (left). Please see their Happy Tails story, below.

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