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Bosley came to GGBR because his family was not able to provide for his care and his medical needs. They knew that the best plan for Bosley would be to surrender him to GGBR. In Bosley's first physical exam under the care of GGBR, it was discovered that he has a mild case of heartworm and that he has a mass on one of his anal glands. Anal gland masses are serious in that if the mass is cancerous which it most often is, that kind of cancer is very invasive. Bosley has started treatment for heartworm and very soon will have surgery and a biopsy on the perianal mass. He also will have a much needed dental hopefully at the same time as the mass removal surgery. We hope to help Bosley back to good health. Bosley is sweet and laid back, loves attention and is great with people and other dogs.

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