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If Bosley could talk, he would give you an earful about how grateful he is for the care that he is receiving. He would let you, the folks who help sponsor him financially, know that he benefits every day from your donations. He may think that perhaps you wonder where the money you donate to GGBR goes. It goes for the care of houndies like Bosley. Bosley recently developed skin allergies, causing him severe discomfort. Thankfully his loving foster mom, with the whole hearted approval of GGBR, took him to the vet for treatment. He received a cytopoint shot and medications and within a day, Bosley's agonizing skin condition was so improved that his skin was no longer itchy, inflamed and uncomfortable. He is back to being his usual sweet, happy comfortable self. While there isn't always a treatment that can work as quickly to address a dog's health condition, with your support GGBR is able to pursue the help that the hounds in our care need, and when they need it. You can believe that because Bosley says it is so!

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