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Dolly (Acampo)

Dolly is a beautiful sweet 9 year old with very severe diabetes. It has been a long process stabilizing her diabetes; she is currently on 16 units of insulin twice a day, which is a very large dose. She experiences frequent UTIs due to the diabetes and has serious urinary incontinence. She pees everywhere all the time and has ever since she came to her GGBR foster home. She now has developed fecal incontinence, which the foster parent will be discussing with her vet. She is at a good weight now but to maintain the weight she eats 4 1/2 cups a day. The plan with Dolly was to get her diabetes stabilized and then make her available for adoption. While her diabetes is stable at the moment, the continual peeing and now the fecal incontinence makes her a poor candidate for adoption. She should continue as a sponsorship dog.

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