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Dolly (Acampo)

Beautiful Dolly has cost GGBR $3781 up to Feb 2020. 

Dolly is a beautiful sweet 10-year-old (approximate age) with very severe diabetes. It has been a long process attempting to stabilize her diabetes. Dolly is currently on 18 units of insulin twice a day, a recent increase. She is under the care of an internal medicine specialist as well as her general medicine veterinarian. She experiences frequent UTIs due to diabetes and has serious urinary incontinence. She eats a large quantity of food but it is a challenge keeping weight on her.  The plan with Dolly was to get her diabetes stabilized and then make her available for adoption. Her diabetes is not yet stabilized.

Dolly is a gentle dog who gets along well with everyone. She loves affection and enjoyes being with her people. 

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