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Bentley has been treated for cancer, specifically hemangiosarcoma (cutaneous/subcutaneous). Currently his health is stable and he is enjoying life in his hospice foster home. Bentley's loving foster mom has this to say about this special fellow: "Bentley is 12, I think, and very set in his ways. If another dog gets in his way, he sit there and bark until they move (or whatever is in his way is moved!) He LOVES to have his tummy rubbed and will usually lay across the hallway walking area so you MUST stop and pet him before moving on. Bentley has an uncanny sense of time... He knows exactly when it's treat time (10 and 2) and dinner time! He will sit and bark if you aren't aware. (He has been known to fudge it a little by being early, but I usually catch him on that!) He's perfectly fine with all sorts of other dogs - he tolerates them, they dance around him. A big lug of a basset with a stoic disposition and eyes that will always make you stop to rub his ears!" If you would like to support GGBR in caring for sweet Bentley, your contribution would be very much appreciated.

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