Rainbow Bridge
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Buddy Freckles

I wondered if you can post a memorial for my beloved Buddy. Today I will be helping him to the rainbow bridge. His heart is failing & medication is no longer helping. I got him from you guys in 2005. It was honestly one of the best days of my life. I'm so happy I got to be his mom. He was the best dog ever. He had a funny personality, he was always by my side & forever my best friend. Buddy Freckles is my heart. No one has a more beautiful soul than a dog. My family will deeply miss him.   -Jessica


Gary came to us on November 24, 2012 originally as a foster.   We took him until Golden Gate Basset Rescue can find him a forever home, it turned out his forever home was with us all along.

He was a very quiet and handsome basset and we fell in love with him immediately.  He was very loyal to his humans and was very easy to please.   Gary only liked his humans…he did not like having other dogs in the house and clearly he showed his dominance towards his four legged companions.   We had issues that we needed to iron out but through trials, failures, and success we managed to figure out what he liked and so did the other bassets in the house.

Clearly, Gary was a very strong willed and regimented dog and he needed a family who can keep his schedule just the way he was used to.   During this time, we were in the midst of moving to Kansas and decided to keep him because we know underneath all his issues he is a very good dog; and he truly was.   

After four years with us, at the age of 12, Gary was laid to rest on September 9, 2016 in the comfort of his home lying next to me.  His mobility and anxiety has taken a toll on him and we knew he will be okay if our vet came to the house to make him forever comfortable.  No more thunderstorms to scare him off, no more loud noises and no more pain; he is safe now with his friends at the Rainbow Bridge.  Despite his issues and quirkiness, he was a great dog and he truly left a piece of him in our hearts and home.  We will miss him so much, he followed me everywhere and kept me company especially in the kitchen.  

We will always remember Gary when we hear the rumbles during the summer months in Kansas.  We have wonderful memories of him and we will never forget Gary.  He is safe now.  

With all our love,
Vince, Maria, Christian, and Walter


Daisy - She was on the brink of death when found wandering in the streets of No. California but was rescued by GGBR and nursed back to health by Dr. Mark and Fran Madden and Sally and Mike Mitchell - before being adopted by our family. She was one of the most loving bassets we ever had in 35 years of basset ownership. Before being rescued she had birthed many litters and she was always looking for small dogs she could "mother". She was an incurable "flirt" and always drew a crowd on walks and convinced even the most reluctant passers-by to pet her. Her favorite past time was sunbathing. Even after more health challenges the last year of her life (having to have her eye removed due to cancer) her spirit never flagged. Sadly she went to the bridge 5/21/16 after becoming suddenly paralyzed. She was at least 10 years old - probably more - and given the nature of her condition and prognosis for recovery we made the sad decision, in collaboration with the emergency vet, to send her on to the bridge. She went peacefully and without pain. We feel privileged to have had her in our lives. In so many ways she taught us how to love unconditionally. Her resilience will forever inspire us. RIP sweet girl. You will forever be remembered and loved by your final family - Carol, Peter, Kimberly, Reed and Benjamin and brother-basset "Rufus".

Buddy Cobb
We had to say good-bye to our dear and faithful friend and companion Buddy today. Your huge personality will be missed and our house will be so quiet without you. We are always so sad when we hear of someone dying of cancer. Well it affects our good and faithful animals as well. We loved you over these past 8 years, Buddy. You left us too suddenly. Rest peacefully.

Barney Dec 2014
Barney came into our lives in November 2014, when someone found him running loose with no tags in the town of Linden, and dropped him off with Black and Tan Coonhound Rescue. From there, he found his way to GGBR. Through Barney’s microchip, we were able to contact his original owner, who said he had purchased Barney as a puppy in 2005, but had rehomed him years ago. After 30 days, when no one came forward to claim Barney, he became our foster dog and was made available for adoption. Barney was happy, friendly, good with our cats and, for the most part, good with other dogs. He was happiest, though, when our other dogs were away and he didn’t have to contend with canine housemates encroaching on his space. For that reason, we had hoped to find him a home, where he could be an only dog. Sadly, in April 2015, Barney was diagnosed with lymphoma, which changed his status from “adoptable” to “hospice”. In May, shortly after his cancer diagnosis, Barney attended Spring Fling. I think Barney had more fun there than anyone! It was so wonderful to see him thoroughly enjoying the crowd of people and dogs! Barney lived out his remaining months feeling okay and eating well, but gradually becoming weaker. Last week, his appetite and strength were gone. Barney had so many fans. We don’t know how many homes Barney had in his 10 years, but we were happy to have provided his last home. Rest in peace, little buddy.—Fran and Mark Madden, Billy and Bob. August 2015.

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