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Odie Odie
ODIE’S HERE!!!Odie is a 9 yr old neutered male who is crate trained. He is a happy, loving boy with great manners. He is shy at first but once he trusts you he is a friend for life. It was said he was afraid of men but his foster home thinks that he seems to like older men better than younger ones. Odie is fearful of children and retreats when they are around so no children for him please.He would do well in a female dog household or as an only dog. He has no resource guarding issues as ...read more about Odie
Harlee Harlee
Dis be Harlee. Before my foster Mom gets started, me just want to let you all know dat me lub me wemmins and me gurls. It no matter how old dey be, me lub dem all!   Before I even start talking about Harlee I want to address his age. I think this is an important topic and one that scares many potential adopters because they feel Harlee is potentially at the end of his life span because he is considered a “Senior Dog”. Age is just a number and if life has taught me anything...read more about Harlee
Sundance Sundance
Sammi's foster parent says this about Sammi: Meet Sammi D. (aka: Sundance) a beautiful little red and white basset girl that is three going on one. When I first met Sammi some 10 months ago she was terrified of people but not anymore. With a lot of love and patience Sammi has blossomed into a playful, happy, spirited basset girl that is now being the puppy she was never allowed to be. Watching Sammi’s journey has been an amazing experience. Now Sammi D. is ready for that next very importan...read more about Sundance
Cokie Cokie
Any NPR listeners out there? This girl is named after journalist and author, Cokie Roberts, whose (late) basset hound, Abner had something of a "cult following", after he inserted himself into a broadcast of Morning Edition! Cokie, the basset hound was very sadly given up by her owners who have had her her whole life. They love her very much, but are moving to a place where Cokie is not allowed. Cokie is very loving with her family and friendly, but a little reserved, with strangers. She is...read more about Cokie
Foxy Foxy
Foxy is a lovely tri-color 5-year-old female basset, 45 pounds a bit on the small site--and a bit of a pistol, a bit bossy! Her foster family loves her and will miss her when she's gone. She is friendly and loving, likes to sit and snuggle with her head on your leg while watching TV. She generally does well with other dogs. She is good with small children. Foxy is extremely intelligent and wants to please. She needs a person who has the time to engage with her consistently to teach her ...read more about Foxy